Colored Pencils

Colored Pencils

Colored Pencils

The first image Sam, my early riser, has of me when He comes down the stairs each morning is my back bent over the Word, pen and paper by my side.  Today I thought to fill you in on why my kids think it’s okay to color in their Bibles.

I’ve always been a note taker.  The margins of my Bible are filled with questions, answers, deeper research notes, dates … well, you get the picture.  It was a huge challenge packing a slim-line Bible for the mission trip to Israel a few years ago.  I felt like I was leaving one of my favorite family members behind from the journey.  Do you have a Bible you’re attached to in this way?

With such love for this Bible you might be surprised to learn I color in it?

Maybe it was Andy Stanley.  Probably it was Andy Stanley.  I get a lot of good ideas from him.  I’ve been using colored pencils in my Bible for a few years now.  Today I’m going to encourage you to mark up your Bible pages.

I use five colors.

Because I love to organize I needed to reign in my natural tendency to create category upon category.  I created a key in the front pages of my Bible to remember what the colors mean.

BLUE – God’s Promises: blue, like life-giving water

YELLOW – God’s Principles: yellow, like light for the path

ORANGE – God’s Commands: orange, life power from the sun that sustains life

RED – Faithful Discipleship: red, like blood shed in sacrifice

GREEN – Only God: green, signs of the Creator to the created

I don’t color everything.  Just the words I struggle to remember for freedom’s sake.

Words that release some chain from around my heart.

Words that bind up my tongue so there are fewer lash marks on the backs of those I love.

Words that give me courage to run.

Words that wrap me in safe arms and soothe me to sleep.

Words that nudge me from behind, to close circles of restoration.

Words that fill my soul when nothing else can be swallowed down.

Grab some pencils, Favored One, if you like to color.  Capture some of His words for your own personal art, and gaze upon the beauty He has made just for you.

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