Come In

Come In

Come In

Dear Friend,

I miss you.  You who I haven’t seen in months, or years, or forever.  Come in!  Come in to my home and sit with me awhile.  I need you here.  This encourager-girl needs to tell you how lovely you are.  And maybe that’s exactly why you stopped by.

Did you pause this morning, stopping to examine your face in the mirror?  Before the lotion or make-up, flat-iron and hairspray.  Did you notice those lines?  Maybe they’re the first ones on your 25-yr old face.  Or maybe they are etching deeper into the corners of your eyes, you who have laughed and cried through a few decades.  Did you stop to think how lovely those lines are, you who wears the art of life on your face for the whole world to see?  Remember everything else is just the frame.  It is your art I see.

You are lovely.

Did you pause this morning, making your list of things to accomplish and realize this day encompasses your whole life?  Each new day a life-time in itself, and one with no promise of a sunset.

Map this day out well in light of eternity.

I know you well, you who works integrity in everything you touch.  Make sure you leave space in this day to touch those who will carry your legacy forward.  It’s what you take the time to leave in them, not for them, that is lasting.  Smile at the woman sitting beside you on the metro.  Hold the door for the woman juggling a cart and small children.  The true gift of time is realizing we don’t own it.  When we give it away in small offerings it is never lost.  We carry time forward in the hearts of others.

Did you pause this morning, bowing your head and closing your eyes to the physical world so you could receive your fresh, daily reminder?  That God Almighty is yours?  His, the lap you climbed into this morning, your bold declaration He is your Father.  Your wild, mussy hair and disheveled self still warm from the safe-sleep He guarded through the night.  Did you allow yourself this freedom?  For this is His delight and your hope.

For the LORD God is a sun and a shield; the LORD bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless.   Psalm 84:11

Dear Friend, when you received Christ he left no part of you unchanged.  You with your wild, mussy hair and disheveled self.  He loves you.  Loves you enough to put the righteousness of Christ in you.  Your walk is blameless as you keep walk with Christ.  Sure, your free will allows you to sin.  And repent.  And sin.  After all, in light of eternity, you just woke up.  Rubbing the sleep out of your eyes and walking your disheveled self towards perfection.

Go sit in your Father’s lap.  He will help you wait patiently and live courageously today.

Did you pause this morning, deciding joy will be the attitude you wear?  Because you really only have about 5 minutes here.  Spend it on good things.  Even if you are standing in the middle of hard things, wear the clothes of gratefulness.  You’ll be the prettiest one in the room.

My heart is full.

2 thoughts on “Come In

  1. Kim Hyland

    You know those times when you just happen upon a blogpost and it turns into a sacred space and
    meeting with the lover of your soul. Complete with tears, deep sighs, goosebumps, and an anxious heart finding rest. Like handwriting on the wall or a message in a bottle. Those times. Yes, here. Tobi, this morning my Abba met my weary heart and embraced me with your words. He has a way of doing that with you for me (the prayer room at Allume 2012). Thank you for inviting me in all the way from Belgium. I love you, friend. Gotta go and sit in my Abba’s lap now. XO

    1. tobibenton Post author

      And here I am, sharing the company of Abba with you. You have brought me love and a big hug from afar – and those I need here. Daughters dancing around Him. I love you, too.

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