I love to be a part of community and relationships really matter to me, so feel free to contact me at kentobi.benton(at)gmail(dot)com.

Because I like a clean and orderly inbox (or anything for that matter – bless my family’s hearts for putting up with me), I will do my best to respond to all of my emails.  Sometimes I might be moving across the world or completely unplugging while I play with my kids (and grandbaby now!), which means I’m avoiding it for a couple of weeks while I do real, in-person life. If you email me and I don’t respond, feel free to ping me once to remind me.

You can also connect with me on Facebook here(Be sure to hover over the Liked button and select Show in Newsfeed so that Facebook lets me get a word in edge-wise between your news posts.)

I’m trying to get a feel for Google+. (What that really means is I created my profile and can hardly find my way back because the bread crumb trail was eaten. I’m not giving up hope though!)

Pinterest is where you’ll find me pinning recipes that are fast (Interpretation: for women over 40 who used to love cooking for their families and are now relegated to spaghetti or taco dinners because they have  forgetten decades of meal ideas). You can join me there as well and we’ll hunt down happiness for the table in under 30 minutes.



I’m so honored when you link to my posts or like what I’ve captured through a camera lens! You are welcome to use my photos or words – I’ve only captured what art our Creator God is making – but please link back to the originals. In my nomadic lifestyle, Favored One Writes is my home where roots are growing deep. I want you to be so comfortable here that it feels like sanctuary, a place of peace, joy, promise, and hope.

I am so happy you are here as a Favored One. I look forward to your words.


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Rusty Rustenbach

    I was spending time alone with God this morning. After reading a bit in the Word, I decided to invest some time listening to God.
    As I quieted down and listened “Favored one – you are one of My favored ones” came to mind. Then, “My favor rests upon you as it does with all of My Favored Ones.”

    Then I typed “favored one” in my Internet browser and stumbled upon … the website of Tobi Benton.
    So I thought I would drop you a note and let you that your website ministered to my heart this morning.

    A fellow favored one. By grace,

    1. tobibenton Post author

      Rusty, what a sweet reminder of the favor of God and I am so appreciative of your sensitivity towards the Holy Spirit. After reading your story at your blog site I called my best friend/sister Paula to ask if she knows you. She has been my fellowship and community almost on a weekly Skype basis these past couple of years, as we are stationed in a remote area of Belgium with no local church family. How like God, as I am stepping out in faith and joy to schedule regular times of writing, to have you find this space in a google search. Then to find that you taught my dearest friends listening prayer, prepared them for ministry in the Middle East, and though my husband and I have no missionary training nor support system, our present work is just that – to find that you minister to those of us who go out into the world. This is timely and so very sweet of Him. I am grateful we are counted as Favored Ones. I look forward from learning from you through your blog site and publications. “We shall go out with joy…” Amen.

      In Christ,

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