Finishing Well, One Day at a Time

Finishing Well, One Day at a Time

Finishing Well, One Day at a Time

A Final Lesson

We lowered the side rails on Grandpa’s bed and wheeled Grandma as close as we could to her husband.  Then, we stood back with wonder and watched her make one final concession:  Grandma was letting her husband know it was okay to go Home.

 Her tears dropped quietly onto Grandpa’s face.  

He opened his eyes and puckered his lips.  “You’re here,” he said.
“You didn’t think I wouldn’t be, did you?”  Grandma quipped.  And then she spoke to him as if there was no one else in the world, let alone in the room.

“Daddy,” she said, “I love you.  You’ve been the best husband I could have ever asked for.  You have taken good care of me and our family.  You are as handsome now as the day I met you and I know I will see you again soon.  It’s okay to go.  It’s okay.  I’ll see you soon – and I know you’ll be looking for me.  I know it won’t be long.”

Grandpa, who had not had been able to be hydrated for several days, looked at Grandma.  A single tear fell from his eyes.

“I love you too.”  He said.  “See you soon.”

~ excerpt from The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to… Romance:
 Nurturing Your Marriage Through the Homeschool Years, by Heidi St. John

I sat nestled into my husband’s side, tears running the course of my cheeks and of his.

We sat quietly in a room full of people, right in the middle of gratitude for each day with one another and prayer for God to stave off the day when we will have to say a temporary goodbye.   Our’s is a very good story.

I see this couple, married five months, growing a baby four months along,

and separated by military training and service ~ and I smile.

We had stolen a kiss in the photo booth of the community center, behind the heavy curtain at BMT,

and December 25th, 1989 Christ came into the world in that tiny space ~ the gift of a love story, long ago written.

Four chapters in, and we were parents to a daughter and a new son.

We celebrated the unity brought by an ocean’s width from family,

distance that demanded we grow up together, grow old together,

and remain faithful to the tale of one day at a time for the rest of time.

We crossed that same ocean again 18 years later with three boys,

leaving the daughter in the wide-open spaces of Wyoming and womanhood,

and bringing the only wisdom of the ages, written in the Book.

Finishing well is defined by loving well, one day at a time.

And here in this foreign land, not of Germany, but of disposable love,

we thank God for our lack of understanding.

Not a lack of compassion, nor a yearning for others to know real love.

Simple gratitude for our “we don’t get it?” thick, fuzzy brains that can’t comprehend a marriage of friends who are waiting to have children until they know for certain they are going to stay together forever.

We wonder why some people plant weeds in their marriage beds?

We do not minimize the effort it takes to love beyond what today is so as not to settle in our tomorrow.  It’s hard work.  But it’s the only story worth living.

So for tonight we fold down the corner on the page.  We bookmark this day as we have each of the thousands of nights before.  The story has been wild and beautiful.  It has been quirky and fun, random and filled pages that seem empty at times.  We have grown up and have learned how to play.  And because we are a forgetful people, we reread chapters to remember our story is a romance ~ one of grand proportions.

But the most important thing we know,

after the page corner is turned down,

and the book is closed on the day,

we know our story will have finished well.

Even with no more pages to write.

The legacy of Love is written one day at a time.

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