Need a Hug?

Need a Hug?

Need a Hug?


When a friend calls for a moment out of your day, do you have enough margin to answer?

If you don’t, do you set things aside anyway to answer her prayer?

Oh, I want to be that kind of friend!

I have a friend, who upon returning from the ice-rink public bathroom looked at me with wide eyes and said, “I just flushed my iPhone down the toilet!”  It had fallen out of her back pocket and she had swished it away before she knew it was in there.

I have a friend who unexpectedly hustled her kids into my warm kitchen one day after school, raised a swollen hand to my line of sight, and begged me to help her soap her wedding ring off her finger.  The wind had closed her car door on her hand and she knew when she arrived in the ER they would cut off the band that had ringed her finger for over a decade.  I think that hurt more than the pounding flesh.

I have a friend, who in the last trimester of her 2nd pregnancy treated herself to her church’s retreat for women, leaving a precious toddler at home with daddy for the weekend.  And then as often happens in the Air Force, the real world happened and daddy had to work the weekend.  What joy for me!  I had the sweet pleasure of entertaining a curly-headed toddler for two days.

I have a new friend.  She’s bravely adding a new ministry to her full life, and I’m a lucky encourager to her.  So when she emailed asking if I would agree with her in prayer for the protection of her family, I said yes.

See, she’s having one of those cell-phone flushing, car-door finger smashing, daddy’s not here to help days.

Maybe you are, too?

Don’t worry Favored Friend, I’ve got your back.

May Jesus himself and God our Father, who reached out in love and surprised you with gifts of unending help and confidence, put a fresh heart in you, invigorate your work, enliven your speech.  2 Thess 2:16-17

Yes, I  agree with you ~

God alone will have power over you, your family and your circumstances.

No wiles of the enemy will attack your peace and confidence in the living Christ in you.

You are more than victorious in this day and in your life and calling.

You are an amazing woman, a gift to your husband and children, just as they are to you, by a Father who delights in you.

Lord, may you give my sweet friend sight for you alone in all her circumstances today and the ability to exhale deeply in this moment.  And then lift the corners of her lips into a smile only the joy of Christ can bring.  I pray for early bedtimes for everyone in her home, a full night of rest, and Your perfect peace when she awakens.

I have a friend ~ you.  Here’s one big hug from me and an expectation to hear all about what our mysterious, larger-than life God does in your home tomorrow!

Love you!

7 thoughts on “Need a Hug?

  1. Amy Tilson

    I’m gonna take that hug and prayers for early bedtimes and sleep. I’m going to hold onto it as a rain check until I can get one in person. So much going on and I want to catch up soon. Thank you for these words I so needed to hear today friend.

  2. tobibenton Post author

    I think I just might have to make that happen! We’ll be in MI the week of July 16-? Wedding date is the 19th and I think I’m driving boys back to IL afterwards. xoxoxo

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