Romanced by God

Romanced by God

Romanced by God


It really is the only story we live.   Our first kiss, His breath in our lungs.refocus

And now that I’m back to the ordinary,

all the planning and errands and dreaming in the months gone by,1013721_10151767336037629_1726209006_n

I’m happy for the quiet of ordinary days.  For stillness to reflect. For days stretching long into life and time to understand God has been romancing me since my first breath.

She says it best, this sister who does not know my name, but shares an intimacy that only women living this kind of marriage know.  The Farmer’s Wife knows.

And now I wonder if there never is one singular moment enflamed with the very most love —

but real love is when you live the daily faithfulness of making whole decades of minutes tell the truth about the glorious gospel.

The truth about love?

Love shares the name wife, woman, and friend.  And those are the sweetest terms of endearment.  But Jesus says love isn’t about naming a person, place, idea, or thing.

Love is a verb, not a noun.

A new command I give you:  Love one another.  As I have loved you, so you must love one another.      John 13:34

You do this.  You love one another.

The Creator of the Universe, he loves us.  He laid down every right and all power, choosing an enduring love relationship over respect.  He made our needs his priority, displaying submission to the ones he loves in a way so foreign to this world.

He submitted his life to death to meet our needs.

And this is the way he models love.  As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

Of course.  That’s scary.  Because if you aren’t looking after your need for respect, encouragement, or security, who will?  What about comfort, support, approval, and appreciation?  Who will make sure you have enough attention and affection?

A couple of decades with a man who looks to my best interests, when the tone is just right and tiredness distorts my thoughts, I sometimes forget his years of faithfulness and react with fear.  I forget he is trustworthy.  I forget there is a difference between feeling love and doing love.  I forget I don’t have to be afraid.

The only thing Christ didn’t lay down in love was fear.  Perfect love has no fear to lay down.

What if we refocus on the heart of our love relationships and discover Jesus there?

What if Jesus is enough?

We can become fearless people.

And fearless people will lay down their lives for enduring love relationships every time.

Go make love a verb, Favored One.

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