You Are My Sisters

You Are My Sisters

You Are My Sisters

To you women who have shared my life.

To the ones I’ve spent hours with in McDonald’s play land while toddlers wore themselves out.

To you who I saw the YaYa movie with.  You who struggled with coming out of your own bathroom stall just like me until you could swallow those tears down far enough to smile that wobbly smile.  You who went and ate pie with me afterwards.

To you who ran mile after mile of roads, chasing down God in every conversation.

To you who listened to me cry over the phone that I was at the end of me, then asked Who I found waiting there?

To you who shared late night, conference after-hours girlfriend chats, agreed on sleep after the lights went out and whispered two more hours in the dark.  Because moments tick by fast when you’re out of the ordinary, and planes leave on time after the final closing session.

To you who take the time to stay my friend, when years stretch between hugs.

To you who have flung your arms wide and let me in to the places you keep hidden.  And proven again that everything is better in the light, and no one is unique in their brokenness, and when we know someone gets us then shame is stripped off and we breathe freely.

To you who sit around my table, laughing at the stories, stretching through the challenges, and coming back next week so our Wednesday nights feel like Christmas.  Christ come into our world.

To you who add your hands to the circle and sing your songs of praise.

To you who encourage me, call me out, remind me I’m not alone.

To you who ask how you can pray for me.

You are my sisters.

Women who understand.

To love Christ is to live beyond this world even as our feet stand in the dirt of it.

I’m grateful for you.

You who picks the woman up, holds her hand, and walks forward together.

Suffering encountered in the love of the one who is crucified – that is the “extraordinary” in the Christian existence ~ Bonhoeffer

For us who shelter beneath His wing, we know we only live because of the shadow of His cross.  And so we come alongside.  We take your hand.  We match step and stride in this extraordinary life.

This is joy.

Thank you, Sisters.


7 thoughts on “You Are My Sisters

    1. tobibenton Post author

      Dear Kathy. It will always be your voice asking me what is at the end of me. I’m glad you practiced that question, because I know you had to ask yourself at times. I love you. That is enough.

  1. Beth

    So thankful to have you as a Sister! Even after all of the years that have gone by and those hugs are definitely too far and in between, the impact you’ve had on my life is ever present. Miss you and Love you!

    1. tobibenton Post author

      You are my sister, indeed! All the snickerdoodle, bus rides, flute-tooting, I ate the cookie-dough, Children of the Corn (WHAT WERE WE THINKING?), movie theater brown smocks, sister days. I love you too.

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